Engineer Gifts Must Be Technically COOL

Moving parts. Equations. More moving parts. Detailed schematics. Putting the pieces together in your head before you pick up the tools. A few more moving parts to consider. More calculations on the fly. There are endless cycles in the life of the mechanical engineer. How better to capture all these critical elements of being an engineer than with unconventional (read that as cool) graphic designs that will make these rare individuals stand out? Appropriate engineer gifts and graphic designs for engineering students reflect the various facets of engineering with a balance of the serious and the complex.

Boffin Academy Introduces Engineer Gifts

Boffin Academy recently added some few new designs in various “academic subject” departments. While I am not an engineer, I can appreciate intricate schematics and detailed designs. So I am excited to share some new designs from the “engineering” section of Boffin Academy, which I think you will like. Those which I have included are particularly for mechanical engineers, engineering students, and those who appreciate what it takes to design machinery that can get the job done.

Simply Loco T-shirt Design

SIMPLY LOCO is a simple line art design especially for the heavy duty mechanical engineering fans (and the train lovers, of course). It’s also an apt description of how you will feel after studying for (and preferably acing) your next engineering exam. The locomotives in this design are vintage classics – perfect for those who appreciate the engineering genius of yesteryear.


Uber Engineer T-shirt Design

UBER Engineer is perfect for that UBER engineer in your life. Doesn’t everyone have at least one of those characters in their life? They know it all, and can fix it ALL. And they will turn you into an engineer if you give them half a chance and your spare screwdriver. What would life be without an uber engineer who knows exactly how to remedy everything YOU broke?


Engenius T-shirt Design

ENGENIUS  remains a best seller amongst the more serious designs. You can read more about this design here.

Locomotion T-shirt Design

LOCOMOTION – it all about old trains… and detail, detail, detail. Vintage schematics meld with vintage newspaper adverts to create a unique design that will appeal to people who are machinery-minded. Get Grandpa, Dad, and even Junior the t-shirt, the baseball cap, the throw blanket, and the perfect train cushion next time you go gift shopping.

Locomotion Square Canvas Pillow

Locomotion Square Canvas Pillow
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Neuroscience: Brain-busting Designs for Medical and Science Students

Boffin Academy - Designs for Academic People

Boffin Academy is slowly growing. Boffin Academy is a CafePress store that caters to those looking for gifts for academics, teachers, researchers, and college or university students. The designs tend to be more ” cerebral” or “academic” than you would typically find on a t-shirt or coffee mug from your neighborhood gift shop. The “inside the discipline” phrases and images may tickle the funny bone of someone familiar with the discipline, but are unlikely to mean much to someone outside of that specific discipline of study. Boffin Academy is the place to shop for people who just can’t seem to appreciate average (and funny) silliness. Think “serious, dry, brainy, philosophical, academic, studious”, or even a bit dull by non-academic standards.  Boffin Academy was created to take the pain out of shopping for your friends and family who actually enjoy reading textbooks, watching educational TV, spending hours in a laboratory, solving mathematics problems, and all those other brain-numbing things that the more studious inhabitants of this planet seem to enjoy. Boffin Academy is growing little by little, and currently boasts ten study disciplines. More will follow. If you are eager to see your discipline move to the top of the design agenda, drop us a message.

This week, we added new designs to the MEDICINE section of the store. The studio’s design theme was anatomy, with special attention given to the human brain as it was depicted hundreds of years ago. The designs feature vintage sketches from medical manuals, and provide a little insight into what medical students of yesteryear might have studied. Click on a design below to see product listings that feature the design in high resolution.