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Color the Trumpet Carols is an adult-friendly coloring book illustrated by Pearl R. Lewis and co-authored with Eddie Lewis. This book, which is focused on the Christmas story, can be purchased and used as a stand-alone coloring book for all ages, but is highly recommended for use with the accompanying music album, Unadorned Trumpet Carols by Eddie Lewis, which is sold separately or as part of a combo with the book.

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Christmas is a treat for the eyes and the ears with its characteristic colors and joyful carols. It is known as a time for generous giving, kind gestures, and peaceful reflection. But in reality, Christmas has become a time that we associate with excessive stress and fatigue. As the shopping lists get longer and the stores become more crowded, it is easy to grow disillusioned and somewhat resentful of Christmas. Where is all the love, joy, and peace that the carols proclaim? COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS lets you celebrate Christmas any time you want – and it invites you to experience the love, joy, and peace of Christmas in a relaxed, inspiring way that will remind you of what Christmas is really all about.

Color the Trumpet Carols by Pearl R. Lewis

In this adult-friendly coloring book by the husband-and-wife team, Eddie and Pearl Lewis, the Christmas story is retold through a series of ready-to-color illustrations. You are taken on a journey from the ancient prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ to the fulfillment of that prophecy in the little town of Bethlehem. Each full-size illustration is accompanied by a scripture, an extract from a carol, and references to one of more carols from the instrumental music album, Unadorned Trumpet Carols by Eddie Lewis.


COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS is easy to use as a stand-alone, Christmas coloring book, but is designed to serve as a coloring accompaniment to the hauntingly beautiful Unadorned Trumpet Carols album (sold separately and as part of a combo with the coloring book). By coloring while listening to the carols referenced alongside each illustration, the stress-relieving effects of coloring are enhanced by the powerfully relaxing effects of listening to peaceful, instrumental music.


COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS was created for adults, but almost anyone can enjoy coloring it. The designs are a mix of the intricately detailed and the not-t00-detailed, so most people 10 years and older would be comfortable coloring this book. Use your discretion if buying the book for children younger than ten. Some very young children may find the intricacy of some of the illustrations frustrating or overwhelming. We mention the minimum age recommendation simply to raise awareness about the complexity of the designs. I know I would have enjoyed this book when I was MUCH younger than ten, and I assume there are many other children out there who are more than up to the challenge of coloring small spaces. Besides, there is nothing wrong with coloring outside the lines – sometimes it can produce a great piece of expressive art.


The Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ is central to COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS. Each full-page illustration in the book is accompanied by a Biblical scripture reference. You will see the Christmas story unfold not only in the music/lyrics of the Christmas carols, and in the hand-drawn illustrations, but also in the text of the Bible. You do not have to be a Christian to fill this coloring book with a rainbow of delightful colors. This book is the Christmas story in the form of illustrations – anyone who loves Christmas and/or coloring can enjoy this book, no matter what their faith is.


You do not need to buy the recommended Christmas carol CD to benefit from COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS. However, we do recommend it for good reason. The music and the coloring activities are designed to work together to produce a powerful sensory effect.

COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS will take you on a journey through the Christmas story whether or not you decide to play the recommended carol music while coloring each illustration.  The Unadorned Trumpet Carols album includes all the carols listed in the recommended listening activities. Coupling the coloring with listening to specific carols will help to saturate your senses with the Christmas story, and lead to a deeper, more meaningful sensory experience. Instrumental music of the type included in this CD can be deeply relaxing, and adds to the relaxation effects of coloring. While we would love to have you invest in the CD (which you can continue to listen to for many years after you have filled the book with color), you can certainly enjoy the coloring experience without any accompanying music, if that is your preference.


I am a bit old-fashioned. I like a little tradition, especially at Christmas. Most people agree that red and green are traditional Christmas colors. What would Christmas be without a little tradition, right? Besides, you will only find red and green on the book’s front and back covers unless YOU decide to put it inside the book. That’s right – the rest of the book (36 pages) is filled with line art that YOU can populate with ANY colors you want. Go on – break from tradition if you want. Fill your copy of COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS with your interpretation of the Christmas rainbow.

Purchase the ebook (printable PDF) version of COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS coloring book from any of the stores listed below. 


UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS is the Christmas album by Eddie Lewis that is a supplement to COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS. This instrumental Christmas carol album is available from most online music vendors and streaming services. You can buy the full CD as a download, or select only the tracks you prefer from CD BABY.

Purchase the physical (paperback) version of this book from any of the stores listed below. Simply click on your preferred store name, and you will be redirected to the relevant product page. If you prefer to support your local book store, please ask the bookstore manager in your town to add this book (ISBN 9781365408786) to their store inventory.




Page through the COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS coloring book, while you listen to one of the tracks mentioned in the book.

COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS is best used as a coloring book with the recommended instrumental carol collection: UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS. (Note that this is optional, and you can use the book without background music.)


UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS by Eddie Lewis is available from most online music vendors and streaming services. You can buy the full CD as a download, or select only the tracks you prefer from CD BABY.

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