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Fractonia by Pearl R. LewisIn this virtual mirror world, you will have the opportunity to further explore the strange characters and out-of-this-world places that you discovered while reading “Fractonia”. In the book, you had no choice but to tag along while Matthew made all the discoveries. Now it’s your turn to do some of the cool discovery stuff by yourself. Click on a box below to start your journey of discovery.

You can take a quiz and check your general knowledge of Fractonia. Find the answers to those questions you still had when you turned the last page of the book. Take a closer look at how the characters in “Fractonia” look without make-up. Learn more about the hidden inhabitants of Fractonia that stayed out of sight whenever Matthew showed up. Dare to open the door to the Beyond Realm. DISCLAIMER: Proceed with caution. Exploring Fractonia may cause your imagination to expand.


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