Dr Pearl R. LewisDr Pearl R. Berndt Lewis is difficult to put in a box. She is somewhat of a contradiction – perhaps the result of combining the extremes of the quiet, no-nonsense, calculating, logical scientist with the more carefree, creative, inquisitive artist. Exploring, experimenting, researching, designing, writing, drawing, and sharing what she has learned – these are everyday activities for Doc Lewis. She more than met her match in her multitalented husband, Eddie Lewis. Eddie is a professional musician, prolific composer, educator in the fields of trumpet, jazz, and composition, and also finds time to write. Pearl and Eddie are learning to intertwine their skills and talents, and have developed a number of creative projects together.

Doc Lewis, the physicist: Dr Lewis’ research expertise is centered on the analysis and characterization of solid-state materials. Her research tool of choice is the transmission electron microscope, an instrument which opens the window to the micro- and nano-worlds (those mysterious realms most people are oblivious to). Scientific journal articles are authored under the name Pearl R. Berndt. Although not currently active with pushing pack the micro- and nano-frontiers of science as part of a research team, Pearl retains her interest in the field.

Doc Lewis, the teacher: Dr Lewis, who holds a PhD in Physics, has involved herself in various facets of teaching, both at tertiary and secondary educational level.   More than 15 years of teaching undergraduate Physics have fueled her love for learning and teaching.

Doc Lewis, the author: The adventure of learning is an adventure that knows no match. And such adventure, especially when it involves the laws of the universe and other matters of galactic importance, begs a ride in the vehicle of a good story.  Dr Lewis is more than happy to supply that vehicle and take readers on imaginative journeys to places where learning is inevitable.

Doc Lewis, the illustrator: Art in big and small ways has always been a part of Dr Lewis’ life. Finding a way to make art as much a part of her career as science has been over the years, has opened up a new realm of experiences. Science and art are, for the most part, separate fields. Upon blending, the diverse thinking skills associated with each field add an unusual dimension to creative work.  When not involved with illustration and graphic design projects, Dr Lewis puts her combined skills to work in developing illustrated teaching materials.


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