Outside the Box

A book is so much more than pages filled with words or illustrations. A book, at its most fundamental level, is a playground for the imagination. “Healing Patterns” is the best kind of imaginative playground, bringing together powerful, life-transforming words and stimulating images. You will you engage your imagination while you color or paint the illustrations. Your imagination will even be activated when you read and reflect on the scriptures. But for those of you who like to take it a step further and think outside the box, “Healing Patterns” is an invitation to take the ceiling off your creativity. Think of “Healing Patterns” as a box of imagination seeds. Plant the seeds in your creative activities and watch the organic, line illustrations transform under your hand into works of art, beautiful crafts, and gifts with which you can bless family and friends.

This page is only a spark to ignite your imagination. Experiment with the ideas presented here. Add your own brand of creativity.

DIY Greeting Card - Healing Patterns

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