Breaking the Code

Our world (go ahead and interpret that as the universe in which we exist) seems to be written in scientific code, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to break the code. Certainly a little rocket science may help unravel some of the greater mysteries of the universe, but we will leave those brain-frying complexities up to the extraordinary thinkers who cut their teeth on calculus and ate string theory with their meatballs before they finished kindergarten.

Explore and Discover

Here on this website, I invite you to join me in exploring our world using simple tools that are aided by an exceptionally healthy dose of imagination. We will get creative. Often. We might even spend more time being creative than we will spend swimming upstream through calculus or digging into the laws that hold the universe together. Imagination and creativity fuel discovery. You will have to exercise both creativity and imagination if you want to get your brain into great shape. And great shape is the kind of shape it needs to be in to push back the frontiers of science. But even if you do not want to embrace the adventure of the frontier, the thrill of discovery is still a perfect fit for you. You can and will live life at a higher, more exciting level if you do it with an awakened imagination and a fit mind.

Enter My World

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