Trumpet FOLK Fill in the Blank is a multi-key, ear-training music book filled with traditional folk songs and engaging illustrations.

Trumpet Folk Fill in the Blank book is a unique music book designed to help music students play in different key signatures, while simultaneously training their ears. Created by Eddie Lewis (composer) and Pearl R. Lewis (illustrator), this . We are using folk songs to help the students play in the different key signature and to also train their ears.

Trumpet Folk Fill in the Blank uses a simple, student-friendly method to get the student pumping their musical muscles very quickly. The student starts by learning to play the folk song in the easy key. They play the song ten times to get the “sound” in their heads. Then they flip the page and play a transposed version of the same folk song. But there’s a catch. The transposed version has some notes missing. Where the missing notes were, there are now question marks. When the student reaches one of the question marks, the objective is to play the note that sounds correct for that key. Guessing the correct note becomes a game for the student. But this game has perks: it sharpens the student’s musical ear.

Trumpet Folk Fill in the Blank is an easy and enjoyable way for students to learn some traditional songs in a variety of keys, while developing a good musical ear.


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TRUMPET FOLK Fill in the Blank is filled with traditional folk songs. To be consistent with this theme, the illustrations are hand-drawn in an “old world” style.


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