Welcome to the Fractonian Otherworld

Why are you here, at the gateway to the Otherworld? Either you are naively trusting and click-happy or the kind of curious adventurer that truly belongs here. I am hoping you are the latter. The Fractonian Otherworld lies on the fringe of Fractonia. The Otherworld is not Fractonia – don’t confuse the two. The Otherworld is a close neighbor to the Realm of Fractonia. It knows some, but not all, the secrets of Fractonia. The Fractonian Otherworld is home to many dangers, so be cautious.

Think before you click. Engage your mind. This is not a place for brain-fogged game junkies or those desiring a mindless way to pass the time. No, here your ability to think before you act is your number two asset. Your number one asset is your imagination. Without an active imagination, the Otherworld will seem like a deserted wasteland. Of course, it is not a wasteland at all, but a dull mind will perceive it as such. Be sharp. Be vigilant. Be prepared to stretch the boundaries of your imagination. Only then will the Fractonian Otherworld reveal its bizarre and intriguing mysteries to you.

As you explore the Otherworld, you will develop a sense of the kind of place Fractonia is. Outsiders may only enter Fractonia by invitation, but the Fractonian Otherworld is entered by choice. You chose wisely. Excellent choice!

Before you get too excited, I should warn you that you won’t immediately have access to all parts of the Fractonian Otherworld. Right now, you have a “limited access passport”. You can explore, but not everywhere. Below you will find a variety of exploration portals that will give you access to some of the Fractonian Otherworld. Simply click on the portal that you want to step through. When you are finished exploring that part of the Otherworld, find the return portal (hidden in plain sight, of course). Click on it and you will be transported back here.

Otherworld Lifeforms
Otherworld Lifeforms
Otherworld Portal Deck
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