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COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA is an coloring book accompaniment to the young reader novel, FRACTONIA. Fractonia is a world of strange creatures – a world where number crunching is common, and algebra is who you are and how you live, not something you do in Mathematics class. FRACTONIA introduces the reader to numerous, odd (and even) characters, but they are all sadly lacking in color. COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA creates the opportunity for readers to paint the world of Fractonia in their own choice of colors, so that they become co-creators of the Fractonian world and its citizens.


Color the Realm of Fractonia by Pearl R. Lewis
Color the Realm of Fractonia

Fractonia is a strange place where curious, adventurous people go for fun. The Fractonian Realm is a place that is filled with strange creatures and countless opportunities for discovery. Fractonia has almost everything an adventurer could wish for – except COLOR. Where did all the color go? Was it stolen? Did a color gobbler swallow it?

Imagination and a few colored pencils are all you will need to COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA. This small format (easy-to-carry) coloring book is a supplement to the novel, FRACTONIA, but can be used as a stand-alone coloring book for children (or adults) of all ages.


The book starts with a brief background on the characters that are waiting to be set ablaze with your choice of vibrant colors. COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA includes FOUR new illustrations that are not part of the original book. In addition, you will find ready-to-color illustrations of the much loved King Spudski, the adventurous Matthew, the Exotic Merc, the ever grumpy QM, the quiet memory beasts, the jumpy Parts, and various activities that these Fractonian characters engage in. The book concludes with a short bio of the illustrator. Coupling this coloring book with the novel creates a unique and memorable gift for adventure lovers and coloring enthusiasts of all ages.


King Spudski saved the best adventure for you. When the galactic rainbows begged to splash color all over Fractonia, King Spudski stopped them. He boldly informed these playful color creatures that he was leaving all the color adventures for YOU to complete. Are you up to the challenge? If you are, then this book is perfect for you. Fractonia is waiting to be colored by YOU.


Dr Pearl Lewis is a physicist and an illustrator with a passion for teaching and learning. Her unusual skill set encourages the design of educational materials that favor creativity and adventurous learning. FRACTONIA and the accompanying COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA are all about learning while exploring.


COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA is a coloring book supplement to the popular FRACTONIA: an adventure that sweeps Matthew Roberts close to the edge of the Beyond Realm and into a world of wide-eyed fractions.

COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA is currently not available as a download.

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COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA is a coloring book that is contextualized in the novel, FRACTONIA. The coloring book creates an opportunity for fans of FRACTONIA to color that world in a way that makes sense to them. COLOR the REALM of FRACTONIA includes four BONUS illustrations that you will not find in FRACTONIA, so it gives you a wider view of the strange realm of Fractonia than the book by the same name does.

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