Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation celebrates the spirit of the Mother City of South Africa. The colouring enthusiast is invited to explore Cape Town through the eyes of the illustrator. Take the journey to the tourist hotspots, appreciate the magnificent Western Cape fauna and flora, and add your rainbow of colour to Cape Town.

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation
Paper Version

Cape Town is a large, vibrant city in South Africa. It’s a culturally diverse city which can’t help but invite exciting adventures. “Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” is an illustrated journal – a window to the Cape Town adventures experienced by the illustrator – and it is waiting for you to spice up the adventure with your choice of colours.

Yes, it’s a colouring book suitable for all ages. Use this book to explore Cape Town as a family – adults, teens, and the younger kids can all participate. For those who like to tickle their grey matter while they chill out and relax with a colouring activity, the good news is that this book also holds edutainment value. Each full page illustration is coupled to a page of tidbits: facts, urban legends, and suchlike. It’s a little piece of Cape Town for tourists to take home and locals to colour away the cold, wet Western Cape winters with.

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A colouring book is all about pictures, and of course you are curious about just what those pictures are. Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation uses pictures to journal the journey through South Africa’s most magnificent city. Take the journey from the top of the majestic Table Mountain down into the valley filled with the inspiring, historic buildings. Wander across the beaches of the Cape Peninsula. Stop to watch the baboons play. Stroll through the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens, but stop to smell the flowers. Join the vibrant street parades. As with the gallery of images below, the colouring book is presented in black and white – but it will only remain colourless until you add your own rainbow of colours to match the colours in which the life of Cape Town is painted.

CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation takes you on a journey through South Africa’s magnificent Mother City. View the book video to catch a glimpse of what you can expect to see inside this book.

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