CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation

CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation celebrates the spirit of the Mother City of South Africa. The colouring (the spelling of “coloring” is consistent with South African spelling of “coloring”) enthusiast is invited to explore some of the highlights of Cape Town through the eyes of the illustrator. Take the journey to the tourist hot spots, appreciate the magnificent Western Cape fauna and flora, and then add your own splash of rainbow colour to Cape Town.

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation
Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation Coloring Book by Pearl R. Lewis
Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation

CAPE TOWN (South Africa) is a large, vibrant city on the coast of South Africa. It’s a culturally diverse city which can’t help but invite exciting adventures. Partially enveloped by an ocean and towered over by a majestic mountain, CAPE TOWN mixes the wildness of Africa with a first-world urban landscape.“CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation” is an illustrated journal – a window onto the Cape Town adventures experienced by the illustrator – and it is waiting for you to spice up the adventure with your choice of colours.

CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation is a colouring book designed to be suitable for all ages. In fact, you are encouraged to use this book to explore Cape Town, South Africa, as a family – adults, teens, and younger children can all participate in making their copy of the book their very own. The book isn’t just filled with captivating illustrations. Read about places to visit or events to participate in.


Created to offer edutainment value for the whole family, this book will be as much about learning as it is about being creative. Each full page illustration is coupled to a page of tidbits: find interesting facts and strange urban legends from this South African city. It’s a little piece of Cape Town for you to make your own: tourists can take a little of Cape Town home with them, while the locals can use the book to ward off the “stuck indoors” feeling that the cold, wet Western Cape winters are prone to induce.


Cape Town, the Mother City of South Africa, has roots that extend back to the seventeenth century. While its history is preserved in centuries-old architecture, the city continues to grow, evolve, and make new history with each passing year. As a culturally diverse city, Cape Town has much to offer its visitors and locals. Consider the majestic mountains, pristine beaches, vibrant music scene, art galleries, theaters, shopping, and opportunities to indulge in exotic foods,  and it quickly becomes obvious why Cape Town is the most popular tourist destination in Africa.


CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation is a colouring adventure for those who love to explore. Whether you are a proud South African or Capetonian or you have yet to visit the city, CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation is your opportunity to explore and make memories in the most colourful of ways. In addition to a few factual titbits and the odd urban legend, you will find a variety of themed colouring pages.


Cape Town has so much to offer that this book only captures a few of the city’s many highlights:

  • Table Mountain
  • Lion’s Head
  • Devil’s Peak
  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
  • Cape Town City Hall
  • Castle of Good Hope
  • Cape Town’s Suburbs
  • Table Mountain’s Aerial Cableway
  • Ethnic Art
  • Mountain Baboons
  • Cape Peninsula
  • Cape Town on the Map
  • The Kaapse Klopse Street Parade


Colour the Rainbow Nation” is a celebration of all things South African: the people, the places, and the experiences that help us remember the past while we continue to plant seeds of hope for the future. Nelson Mandela once described South Africans as being as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld. Whether you are rooted in this beautiful country or just wish you were, “Colour the Rainbow Nation” invites you to celebrate South Africa with your own splash of colour.

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CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation takes you on a journey through South Africa’s magnificent Mother City. The book video allows you to catch a glimpse of what you can expect to see inside this book.

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