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“FRUIT of the SPIRIT Colouring Book” will soon be available in two formats: paperback and downloadable e-book. If you prefer to buy only selected pages from this book in the form of mini, printable e-books, please visit our shop and select the FRUIT of the SPIRIT subjects that interest you.


The paperback version is perfect for your own personal quiet time, for group Bible studies, or to give as a gift. The book is available from a number of online booksellers. (If you are purchasing from inside South Africa, we recommend placing your order with Cape Town’s MEGABOOKS to avoid hefty customs fees and other international taxes.) To purchase a copy of the book, simply click on the logo or the name of your favorite book retailer and you will be redirected to their website:





Buy the eBOOK:

The digital download (e-book) works best for those who don’t want the pages bound in book-format, and prefer to print only the pages they wish to use that day. The e-book in PDF format is also recommended for people who intend to print the pages on art paper for use in various paper crafts. Click on the retailer’s logo to access the book in their store:


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