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Fractonia by Pearl R. Lewis - a calculated adventure for inquisite mindsThe worlds on this side of the Beyond Realm all have something to boast about. From odd-looking creatures to breath-taking (as in having all the oxygen sucked from your body) scenes, each world has its fair share of the pie of amazingness. But not everything is sweet, and cute, and likely to give you the warm fuzzies. Many of the worlds on this side of the Beyond Realm face threats that continue to rattle them to the core. Some worlds are inhabited by bizarre (by our world’s standards) creatures that are threatened with extinction. Some worlds are at war with other civilizations for reasons so ancient that no-one can remember them. Some worlds are running out of life-sustaining resources. And still others are facing stability threats from breaches in the space-time fabric. But only the tiny realm of Fractonia is in a race against time. Only the inhabitants of Fractonia feels the threat of doom as their world slips further under the shadow of an approaching enemy.

In an effort to find the key to survival, Fractonia opens its doors to a select few outsiders. Among those invited is Matthew. Note that it’s not Doctor Matthew as in a “distinguished research fellow” from a prestigious research institution, and it’s not Captain Matthew as in a valiant soldier for hire. No, it’s just regular Matthew who receives an invitation to visit Fractonia.

Matthew is a normal kid. Chances are that if you passed him on the street, you wouldn’t even notice him. He blends in – sometimes so much so, that he vanishes into the background. You will recognize Matthew, because he is probably a lot like you. He enjoys normal things like sports, pizza, reading, and Mathematics. Outside of school, he goes to movies, enjoys camping, loves to explore, usually does all of his assigned homework, and spends most of his free time with his friends. Matthew is pretty much okay with the demands of school, and he doesn’t have any major self-esteem issues or obvious insecurities. He is definitely not a teacher’s pet, and you wouldn’t label him as the school’s star student. But, Matthew doesn’t hide his love of learning. Why should he be ashamed of the fact that he loves to learn?

Matthew is a level-headed, middle-of-the-road, ordinary guy with his head screwed on right: a young man who intends to get the most out of his school years. So what story does such an average kind of guy have to tell, and what makes him so special that he is invited to Fractonia?

Matthew receives his invitation to Fractonia at the very moment that he is trying to wrap his mind around the lowest common multiple. Fractions can be tricky to work with, but Matthew is fortunate  to have a talented Mathematics teacher. However, on the day his invitation arrives, he is struggling more than usual as the fraction terminology flows hard and fast. You must understand that Matthew adores Mathematics, and is always eager to learn something new. But, Matthew is not a wordy guy. He prefers the shorthand of numbers and equations, and has a harder time with word-centric terms and definitions that must be memorized.

To Matthew,  a term such as the “lowest common multiple” is just a mouthful of words. He is chewing as fast as he can when a sudden translation into the Fractonian Realm forces an emergency swallow. With the “lowest common multiple” still ringing in his ears and bouncing in his belly, Matthew quickly learns that Fractonia has a lot to offer him. Fractonia is the perfect destination for someone with an adventurous spirit, and Matthew is about as adventurous as a young man can be. At every turn there is something new to discover. Memory beasts. Living Fractions. The Beyond Realm. Numo Regulars. Yonkinots. There is more to discover than there is time to explore. Time is quickly running out – for Matthew and for the Fractonian Realm.

“Fractonia” takes the reader on a journey into a vaguely familiar world where Mathematics is alive. The concepts related to fractions are no longer just a stack of meaningless terms and definitions. Simple arithmetic processes take form and evolve into epic events. “Fractonia” is an adventure story for readers of all ages, but it isn’t for everyone. DO NOT venture into Fractonia if you believe that fractions are simple algebra which you mastered a long time ago. If you dare to consider that you might not have discovered all there is to discover, then take a bold step. Explore the Fractonian Realm with Matthew, and help him uncover the real reason he was invited to Fractonia.

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