Neuroscience: Brain-busting Designs for Medical and Science Students

Boffin Academy - Designs for Academic People

Boffin Academy is slowly growing. Boffin Academy is a CafePress store that caters to those looking for gifts for academics, teachers, researchers, and college or university students. The designs tend to be more ” cerebral” or “academic” than you would typically find on a t-shirt or coffee mug from your neighborhood gift shop. The “inside the discipline” phrases and images may tickle the funny bone of someone familiar with the discipline, but are unlikely to mean much to someone outside of that specific discipline of study. Boffin Academy is the place to shop for people who just can’t seem to appreciate average (and funny) silliness. Think “serious, dry, brainy, philosophical, academic, studious”, or even a bit dull by non-academic standards.  Boffin Academy was created to take the pain out of shopping for your friends and family who actually enjoy reading textbooks, watching educational TV, spending hours in a laboratory, solving mathematics problems, and all those other brain-numbing things that the more studious inhabitants of this planet seem to enjoy. Boffin Academy is growing little by little, and currently boasts ten study disciplines. More will follow. If you are eager to see your discipline move to the top of the design agenda, drop us a message.

This week, we added new designs to the MEDICINE section of the store. The studio’s design theme was anatomy, with special attention given to the human brain as it was depicted hundreds of years ago. The designs feature vintage sketches from medical manuals, and provide a little insight into what medical students of yesteryear might have studied. Click on a design below to see product listings that feature the design in high resolution.


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