Lion's Head - Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation Coloring Book by Pearl R. Lewis

Cape Town: Lion’s Head Colouring Pages

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Lion’s Head may play sideman to Table Mountain, but it is no second class peak. Its form is reminiscent of the proud lion as it crouches between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Take yourself up this mountain on a colouring adventure with this set of colouring pages. (Included in your purchase is a FREE single-class licence to print for school and church educators.)

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Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is next-door neighbour to Table Mountain. It is first cousin to the legendary Devil’s Peak and the unassuming Signal Hill. It is said that Lion’s Head resembles a ready-to-pounce, African lion. Whether you see the resemblance or not, this colouring set will give you the opportunity to fill Lion’s Head with vivid colours of your choice. At the same time, you will glean a few facts about this important mountain peak. Take another bold step deeper into the Cape Town adventure with these family-friendly colouring pages.

What Do I Get?

When you purchase this digital product, you will receive:

  • a full-size, printable (A4), ready-to-colour, double window design showcasing the profile of a lion’s head.
  • a full-size, printable (A4), ready-to-colour informational page. The informational page is a great conversation starter. Use it as a discussion trigger in classrooms or for family dinner conversations.
  • additional bibliographic and copyright information

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This digital (PDF) product has a file size of approximately 2.4 MB. Please ensure that you are able to download a file of this size before purchasing this product. All digital product sales are final and non-refundable. (This download includes a FREE single-class licence to print for school and church educators.)

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation
Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation

These colouring pages are an extract from the book “Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” by Pearl R. Lewis. This adult-friendly colouring book celebrates Cape Town in its own unique way. The book contains a blend of illustrations that range from the tourist hot spots (like Table Mountain) to the little things that matter to the locals. You will also find factual tidbits and the odd urban legend – just to add a little extra colour. The book is a conversation starter, and makes an excellent gift for ex-patriots, tourists, and local South Africans alike. Take an imaginative tour around Cape Town when you put your coloured pencils to work with this book. (Download a free SAMPLER version of the book here.)

You can purchase the complete paperback version of this book from the international bookstore, Lulu. Find other retailers and read more about this book in the BOOKS section of this website.

Colour the Rainbow Nation Series

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” is the first in the COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION series. COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION is a celebration of all things South African: the people, the places, and the experiences that help us remember the past as we continue to plant seeds of hope for the future. Nelson Mandela once described South Africans as being as intimately attached to the soil of South Africa as Pretoria’s famous jacaranda trees and the mimosa trees of the bushveld. COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION creates an opportunity for you and your family to celebrate the spirit and heart of South Africa whether you are already rooted in this beautiful country or simply wish you were.


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