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Cape Town: Sample Colouring Book

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Look inside “Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” colouring book before you order your own complete copy or any of the mini-books.

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Cape Town – the Mother City

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” is a celebration of Cape Town, its people, and its special places. It’s colour therapy for South Africans who love their country. It is a colourful adventure for tourists who want to take home a little piece of the Cape Town they have explored and come to love. And it’s undiluted colour fun for anyone who gets a kick out of adding colour to empty spaces on a page. All ages. No exceptions. This is a colouring book that embraces the spirit of the COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION series – it’s a little bit of edutainment for those who like their fun mixed with intellectual muscle building, and a whole lot of relaxing, colourful exploration of a beautiful city and its surroundings. The sample of this book is available as a FREE download from this website.

FREE Cape Town Colouring Book Sample

The “Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” cover may stir up some memories, or trigger a daydream about your next visit to Cape Town. But, judging a book by its cover is tricky business. It’s always better to flip through those pages and be sure the book is actually what you want before you buy. This digital SAMPLER allows you to do this. With this 11-page e-booklet, you can explore the pages inside “Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation“, and learn what it has to offer. The format of the e-booklet allows you to read it on most e-readers that accept PDF. Don’t have an e-reader? You can view the e-book on your computer or your tablet. You can also print it to read the old fashioned way. The sample e-book provides links and names of booksellers that stock this book. Not all online stockists provide a useful “look inside” view of the book, so this sample is your opportunity to take your time and flip through the book at your leisure. Take a moment to look through the sampler, so that you know what to expect before you place your order.

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Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation

Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation” is the first in the COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION series. COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION is a celebration of all things South African: the people, the places, and the experiences that help us remember the past as we continue to plant seeds of hope for the future. Nelson Mandela once described South Africans as being as intimately attached to the soil of South Africa as Pretoria’s famous jacaranda trees and the mimosa trees of the bushveld. COLOUR THE RAINBOW NATION creates an opportunity for you and your family to celebrate the spirit and heart of South Africa whether you are already rooted in this beautiful country or simply wish you were.


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