Dragons Chasing Their Tails

NoDragon Art by Pearl R. Lewist all dragons are fire-breathing lunatics determined to turn you to ash. Some are puppy-cute, fun-loving, tail-chasing dragons that want to lick you in the face and then go home with you. It’s the fun-loving kind of dragon that posed for this children’s painting. And he promises that he will NOT turn into a blood-chilling, nightmare-inducing maniac when you turn off the lights. This chubby, green dragon is focused on turning around the bad reputation that dragons everywhere inherited – thanks to a few cold-blooded, iron-hearted, completely insensitive ancestors. Notice the claws? That’s right – there are no claws. This dragon took the time for a manicure, and he is flaunting the new gecko digit look.

The “dragon chewing on his tail” painting is the first in a selection of children’s wall art that I will be releasing this year. The themes for these paintings are not drawn strictly from the fairytale genre, but they do borrow from the more light-hearted side of the classics.  If you are looking for imaginative, detailed, ORIGINAL wall art for a child’s playroom, bedroom or a nursery, this series will probably have at least one theme that appeals to you. And, while these paintings are advertised as “children’s art”, no-one will tell if you (the respectable adult) choose to display one in your office, studio, garage, or craft room.

Why did I start the series with a circular painting? Everyone knows that the windows to the world of the imagination are circular. You knew that, right? (Don’t admit it out aloud if you didn’t know.) On top of being a portal for the imagination, there is something particularly calming about circular structures. If you are designing for a child’s environment, it makes sense to deliberately introduce calming structural elements into the décor. Circular structures can help to balance the vitality and energy of the bold colors often chosen for decorating children’s rooms. You can expect to see a few circular paintings in this series, as I explore the world of the imagination through the circular window.

The “DRAGON TAIL CHASER” is an ORIGINAL acrylic painting on a circular engineered wood substrate. The surface of the painting is lightly coated with sealant, and it is signed and dated on back of the painting. The painting measures approximately 10 inches in diameter. The substrate resembles a solid wood block in density and has an approximate thickness of 0.625 inches. The edges of the block are painted black to serve as framing for the painting.

Block paintings should be mounted or hung flush with the wall. There are various ways to achieve this, but I prefer the use of a small d-ring hanger which attaches to a small nail in your wall. When you purchase “DRAGON TAIL CHASER” (or one of the other paintings from this series) from Zisubu Artique (an ETSY store), your order will include a triangular d-ring mount and screw for quick and easy mounting. (If you prefer, you can also mount a block painting directly against the wall using heavy-duty mirror tape, but that can prove messy if you want to move the painting to a different spot.)

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