aHEAD: Face to Face with Smart Phone Fashion

aHEAD: Smart phone line art fashion that is head and shoulders above the rest

aHEAD: For Those Who Stay Ahead of the Pack

If it matters to you how your device is “dressed”, aHEAD may have something to offer you. And even if you are not device fashion savvy, but you are a little curious and tend to enjoy “the unusual”, aHEAD has your name all over it.

Inspired by the Headhunter Collection

Originally inspired by the line art designs created for an upcoming book, aHEAD grew out the desire to give people a range of cell phone covers or cases that are as unique as the collection of data stored inside the device. Each person’s phone holds a reflection (perhaps a little distorted, but a reflection nonetheless) of that individual: it’s a collection of pictures of their favorite people, a library of conversations (the good, the bad, and even the ugly), it’s shopping lists, work emails, funny videos, phone numbers that are not written anywhere else, hundreds of apps once downloaded and then forgotten, and so much more.  No two phones ever look the same inside, so why should everyone cover their phone in the same dull, generic cloaking? If it’s different on the inside, make it different on the outside.

Head and Face Designs

The aHEAD designs always feature part of a face or the side of a head. While most heads are humanoid, some bear characteristic animal features, and others appear less earthly and a little more alien. The designs are predominantly monotone, giving a classic sophistication to the image. Most aHEAD designs are weighted to the right, leaving the left side of the design uncluttered.  If you would like to purchase a phone case with a mirrored or reversed aHEAD design (i.e. with the image weighted to the left), use the contact form on this website to connect with us and tell us which design(s) you want to see in mirror mode.

Designs to Fit Your Device

Most of the aHEAD designs are available in cover sizes to fit the more recent iPhone and Samsung phone models. Other cases will be added to the inventory as they become available to us. Again, if you want to see any of the designs on a case size that is not already listed in the aHEAD store, use the contact form on this website to let us know. Cases are printed on demand and dispatched by CafePress. As new designs are added to the store, we will announce them here on this blog. Use the SUBSCRIBE button alongside this post to be added to our blogging distribution list, and you will receive an email when we add a new post to this blog.


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