ENGENIUS: Inventive, engineering minds exist across gender boundaries

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One of Boffin Academy’s  best selling designs of all time is the EnGenius I design. This simple, monotone design blends the definition of engenius with line drawings of vintage locomotives. EnGenius 1 is part of a series of EnGenius designs that you can find in the ENGINEERING section of the store.

While many people associate terms such as engineering, invention, and locomotion with males, it is interesting to note that this design doesn’t only sell to adult males. It’s a hot favorite for children’s t-shirts (and not only for the boys’ market), and is a top selection for teen and adult female shirts.


In case you are unfamiliar with the term, an engenius (a term coined by Pearl R. Lewis for this design series) is simply defined as: a clever, original, inventive thinker focused on using moving parts to covert power into motion. The word is derived from the fusion of “engineer” and “genius”, and is used to describe individuals with a strong leaning towards creativity and innovation in the context of a mechanical environment.


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