Dinner Fractions Worksheet by Dr Pearl R. Lewis

Dinner Fractions

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Take the bite out of fraction anxiety with a dinner party worksheet that encourages analysis and reporting using fractions.



The visual analysis of a dinner party scenario takes mathematics out of the textbook and into a realm all students can identify with in this ready-to-print, illustrated worksheet.

The PDF download includes a copyright cover page, a two-page worksheet, and an answer sheet. Note that the font used in this worksheet is a decorative font which gives a speckled effect around each word when printed.

Worksheet page 1: This page starts with a description of a group of people waiting for dinner. The student is asked to refer to page 2 (an illustration depicting the scenario), and must answer a series of question about what they see. The student is first tasked with evaluating part of the “big picture”, before analyzing and reporting on the whole scenario. Each answer can be written on the page, next to the question. There are a total of 17 questions.

Worksheet page 2: This is an illustrated page showing nine people seated at two tables. The student studies this page before answering the questions on page 1. This line illustration lends itself to colouring, which can be particularly relaxing for students that become anxious when faced with mathematics tasks.

“Check Your Answers” page 3: The answers to the seventeen fraction questions are included in this download. This sheet can be given to a student after completing the worksheet to encourage development of self-evaluation skills. Alternatively, the parent or teacher can retain this page and use it to grade or mark the completed worksheet.

File Size: The download is approximately 1.9 MB.

Page Format: The pages in this worksheet can be printed directly onto A4 paper. If you want to print on letter-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″), simply set your printer to “fit” or “resize” to the paper loaded in the printer.

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Dinner Party Fractions Worksheet Preview
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