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Blue FAITH BOOSTER Printable Scripture Cards

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Cool shades of BLUE lends a calming effect to these FAITH-focused scripture cards. This product features four faith-boosting scriptures in a ready-to-print page with EIGHT blue-toned, mini cards.

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Mark 11:23
Romans 10:17
John 15:7
Isaiah 54:17

This set of scripture cards features the above FOUR scriptures and is a great reminder of the importance of God’s Word in the life of a person who walks by faith. Encourage yourself or others with these easy-to-print scripture cards. Print the Word of God on your home printer, cut out the cards, carry them everywhere, so you can meditate on the scriptures throughout the day.

This set of cards is designed in two shades of BLUE. Each printable sheet includes 8 cards (two sets of four cards). Print the sheet at home or take it to your local print shop. Print the cards on heavy paper or card stock for a more durable card. Pop a scripture card in a lunchbox, slip it in a jacket pocket, tuck one into your wallet, pin it up on your bathroom mirror or above your desk. Take these colourful scripture cards everywhere you go, and be sure to share a few with friends and family. These cards are also a great way to learn new scriptures, no matter what your age.

Feeling creative? Use a colourful scripture card as a centerpiece in your own handmade greeting card.

What will my download include? The file you purchase and download will include a PDF file with an A4 page size. (Pages can be “fitted” or scaled to other page sizes, if you are not able to print on A4 sheets of paper or card.) The printable page has eight coloured cards, each measuring approximately 8.5 cm x 5.6 cm. It is recommended that these mini cards be printed on card stock or heavy weight paper. The file size is approximately 2.4 MB. Please ensure you are able to download a file of this size before making your purchase, as download purchases are not refundable.

Are you interested in BIGGER cards? Want to print your own encouraging, faith-focused postcards? A downloadable set of FIVE postcard-sized, sepia-toned, printable scripture cards together with a FREE matching printable envelope can be purchased from Zisubu Artique.

FOR NOTING: The colours you see on the screen you are viewing this page with may differ slightly from the colours that are produced during printing.


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