Eddie Lewis Composes Healing Patterns Promo Music

Fountains. Waterfalls. Gurgling streams. Barefoot walks on dew-wet grass. Crickets chirping at dusk. The sun setting behind distant mountains. These images and more spring to mind as I listen to the music for the “Healing Patterns: A Coloring Book for Adults” promotional video. The soothing background music you will hear in this video is a commissioned piece by composer, Eddie Lewis. Written in a borderline minimalist composition style, the piece features flute, recorder, marimba and clarinet. The music was created to match the organic style of the artwork included in the video, while also encouraging relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Eddie Lewis is an accomplished composer, having written over three hundred original works for various trumpet, brass, and jazz ensemble instrumentations. His compositions are performed world wide. Various of his pieces have been recorded by the Tom Borling BeBop Band, Texas Brass, and the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra.  A selection of Eddie’s brass compositions are available from the Tiger Music Store.  Eddie is also an accomplished arranger for a variety of different music styles. His arrangements are performed by bands, orchestras, and individual musicians such as  Jazz Forever, David Caceres, Maria Williams, Quail Valley Church Praise Band, Wynn Hudson, Norma Williams, Mark Towns, Carlos Puig, Fellowship of the Woodlands, and Marsha Sterling.


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