Color the Ream of Fractonia by Pearl R. Lewis
Cape Town: Colour the Rainbow Nation Coloring Book for Adults by Pearl R. Lewis
Fruit of the Spirit Colouring Book by Pearl R. Lewis
Blessed: Coloring for the Soul

Our world (read that as the universe in which we exist) is written in scientific code, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to break the code. Certainly a little rocket science may help unravel some of the greater mysteries of the universe, but we will leave those heavy complexities up to the great thinkers who cut their teeth on calculus and eat string theory with their meatballs. On this website, we will explore our world using simpler tools plus a healthy dose of imagination. And we will get creative.  Often. Perhaps we will spend more time being creative than we will doing calculus or digging into the laws that hold the universe together. Imagination and creativity fuel discovery. You have to exercise both creativity and imagination if you want to get your brain into the kind of shape it needs to be in to push back the frontiers of science.

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