HEALING PATTERNS: A Coloring Book for Adults

A stress-busting, scripture- focused coloring book for Christians.



Algebra is the secret code for a mind-stretching adventure. Embrace the adventure and discover new worlds.

RAINY DAY CRAFTS: fun for the whole family

Learn new skills. Grow together as a family. Rainy Day Crafts creates hands-on learning experiences for the whole family.



Fill the monotone world of Fractonia with a bold splash of color in this travel-sized coloring book.

CAPE TOWN: Colour the Rainbow Nation

Join the illustrator in exploring Cape Town in a creative way. You are the colour master - just add your own rainbow to this book.


FRUIT of the SPIRIT Colouring Book

Explore Galations 5:22-23 with colour in this teen- and adult-friendly colouring book.

BLESSED: Coloring for the Soul

Blend your Bible study with the benefits of art therapy in this abstract coloring book focused on the topic of BLESSING.

Our world is written in scientific code, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to break all the code. Certainly a little rocket science will help unravel some of the greater mysteries of the universe, but on this website we explore our world using simpler tools and a little imagination. Science and Mathematics need not be the enemy. Take the simplest of the tools they offer, and discover the world you live in.