The wildlife of the Fractonian Otherworld will not be familiar to the inhabitants of the Earth World. Most lifeforms found in the Fractonian Otherworld are intelligent by Earth standards, and all fall into one of three universal categories: fauna, flora, or fata.

Fauna: the animal lifeforms of a region

Flora: the plant lifeforms of a region

Fata: the data lifeforms of a region

Some of the lifeforms bear a resemblance to those found in Fractonia, and a few share strong familial ties.

The HIGH-ORDER FAUNA of Otherworld include:

  • Quotients: These creatures are second cousins of Fractonia’s Wholes. They live predominantly in and around Qixlindorcidus.
  • Kwanackables: Sensitive, shy creatures that tend to hide from light. They rarely travel from their home region. Most Kwanackables live in burrow settlements in or around Bixly.
  • Slinters: Humanoids that avoid conflict with other creatures in Otherworld, and prefer a quiet existence as craftsmen and farmers. They have settled in the Slintlindor Downs region.
  • Meyervolken: A race of creatures skilled as weapon makers. Most Meyervolken reside in Eftuppermeyer.
  • Pranditionites: Descendants of the original Airbornes. The Pranditionites can be found living in or around Prandor.
  • Elbanionites: A deeply spiritual race of beings that have dedicated themselves to acting as priests in the worlds they have set up missions in. The members of the Elbanio sect can be found in Elba Sanctum.
  • Units: The Units are all directly related to each other. They are also first cousins of the Wholes of Fractonia. all known Units reside in Lanklikalah.
  • Darklings: Also known as Well Dwellers, these wet-life creatures require both moisture and darkness to survive. Although they have been sighted most often at Alpha Shint, it is believed that the Darklings live in a water-filled tunnel network that extends throughout the Otherworld, and possibly also into Fractonia.

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