The COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS adult-friendly coloring book is a collection of hand-drawn scenes from the Christmas story. Coupled with the UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS album by Eddie Lewis, this book takes the user on a sensory journey through the Christmas story. The following videos give you a little taste of the music and images that come together in the COLOR the CAROLS COMBO (a set comprising the coloring book and CD).

Cute, fluffy sheep and their babysitters come together as the images in “Come Shepherds Rise” – track 17 on the COMBO’s CD. The video unveils the quiet, hillside scene which receives a surprise visit from an angel. The imagery is derived from the “Good Tidings” scene in the coloring book.

Track 26 of UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS is the all-time favorite: “What Child is This?“. This video is created around this Christmas carol and the “In the Manger” illustration from COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS.

The following video showcases track 4 (O Come, O Come Emmanuel) of UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS. This carol is referenced in the coloring book’s first scene: “Christ Child Prophecy“.

The next video includes track 30 from the UNADORNED TRUMPET CAROLS album: “O Sing a Song of Bethlehem“. The imagery in the video is taken from two illustrations or scenes in the COLOR the TRUMPET CAROLS coloring book: “Reflecting on Jesus” and “Room at the Inn“.

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