What is the shop’s currency?

This shop uses ZAR or South African Rands, which is the currency of South Africa. The symbol R is used to denote South African Rands. You can check the exchange rate of ZAR against your own currency at FX-RATE or any other foreign exchange rate calculator of your choice.

Can I buy from this shop if I am not South African?

Yes, you certainly can. This is a global shop with a base in South Africa. You do not have to live in South Africa to make a purchase from this store. The payment gateway, PayFast, accepts both South African and international payments from most credit cards (MasterCard and VISA) and some cheque/debit cards. Instant EFT payments from South Africa’s four major banks (ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank) are also processed by PayFast. Instant EFT is an internet banking transfer that is verified on the spot. To learn more about the gateway’s security and the types of payment that are accepted by PayFast, please visit the PAYFAST website.

You will pay for your order using ZAR. If you are not using a South African credit card or bank account to complete the transaction, your credit card statement will reflect the transaction amount in your local currency. The amount you pay (in your local currency) will depend on the foreign exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Can I pay using PayPal when I checkout?

Currently, PayPal is not a payment option for this website shop. However, some of our products are available in other stores that do use PayPal. Please use our contact page to connect with us. If the item you want to purchase is available elsewhere,  we will be happy to direct you to the relevant store so you can make your purchase using PayPal.

I changed my mind – how do I get a refund?

Due to the nature of digital products, all purchases are FINAL and non-refundable. Unfortunately, once you make your payment for a downloadable product, it’s too late to change your mind – even if you decide you don’t want to download the item you purchased.

To aid you in making good purchase decisions, our products descriptions are detailed. Kindly read the descriptions carefully before making a purchase. If gallery images are available, take a moment to look at them. If you still have questions about a product that are not answered in the description or by the pictures provided, contact us. We are proud of our products and want you to buy the product because you really want it – and not because you were confused and made a mistake.

If you received a download link that does not match your order, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can make the correct download available to you.

Are my credit card details safe?

This shop DOES NOT process your transaction or store your credit card or bank details. PayFast is the secure payment gateway that will process your transaction on our behalf. You will need to register for a shop account to make a purchase, but you will not be asked to enter your credit card or bank details when you register for the shop account. (The shop account speeds up checkout at your next visit, allows you to access your purchase history, lets you add reviews to the product pages, and gives you access to coupons from time to time.) When your transaction is processed by the payment gateway, you will enter your credit card or banking details on a secure webpage, as required by the gateway. To learn more about our payment gateway, PayFast, and their commitment to security, please visit their website.

Where do I get the physical or hardcopy version of the downloads you sell?

The short answer is: from your printer tray. The digital products in this store are intended for you to download and print at home. In the case of complete books, book sets, and mini books, many are available as paperbacks and are sold throughout the world. In South Africa, our distributor is MEGABOOKS (based in Cape Town). Other stores that stock our books include. Amazon.com (global), Lulu.com (global), BookDepository.com (free global shipping), and Barnes & Noble (USA). Many of the product descriptions include links to sellers of the physical version of the product.

How do I access the download I purchased?

When you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from the shop. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you cannot find the email in your email inbox. The email will contain a link to the product you purchased. You can also login to your shop account and find the product link in your order/transaction history.

I lost the download – where can I find it?

Many computers will automatically add any downloads from the internet to a folder called DOWNLOADS. If you did not select a different folder name during the download process, there is a good chance that the product you downloaded is in your DOWNLOADS folder. If you cannot find the digital product anywhere on your computer, you can download it again. Our system is set to allow you to do a “grace download”, should something go wrong with your initial download. Simply login into your shop account and find the download link in your order/transaction history. NOTE that the grace period is limited to four weeks.

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